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17 Fairmont Avenue
Ottawa, ON, K1Y 1X4


Resurrection Church is a new church near downtown Ottawa. We welcome the convinced and unconvinced, the bored, the burned, the cynical, the religious, the irreligious and the spiritual.

Town Hall

Download the handout from the town hall. (PDF)

Popular Question from Town Hall

Q: Who is the leadership team and what do they do?

A: The technical title is 'Interim Leadership Team' and is it composed on Ben and Jen Jolliffe, Michael and Britney Chhangur, David and Jacqueline Ayer and Randy and Margo Palmer. Ben formed the team early on to provide feedback as the church grew. The scope is limited to implementation of our strategy, vision and values. We don't do any financial work or budget plan. It is a working group until we set up more formal leadership.

The issues we discussed at the town hall (outreach plans, discipleship 'stuff', kids ministry, etc.) are what fills up our conversations.