The gospel is the good news about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It teaches us that there is nothing we can do to earn salvation, but that new life is given to us by grace. We are in fact more sinful than we thought possible but more loved than we ever dreamed because of what Jesus has done.

This good news is the fountainhead for the rest of the Christian life. It brings us into the kingdom of God and allows us to grow in his kingdom. The gospel provides the motivation, strength and encouragement to live a life of loving God and loving our neighbours.

More than good news, it is a vast set of implications for every area of our life. As a church we attempt to bring a 'gospel-lens' to our jobs, our relationships and our leisure, working to see how the good news of the gospel changes our motivations.

(To see how this works out 'in real life', come check out a service on Sunday mornings. Or listen to one of our sermons.) For a sermon length explanation of the gospel and why it is a value, listen below.

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