People who work for the church

Ben Jolliffe - Church Planter

My wife Jen and I were both born and raised in Ontario. We are a little bit small town, a little bit big city, having lived in both for various periods of our lives. We both worked for Power to Change (née Campus Crusade for Christ) for a number of years before transitioning to the church world. I went to seminary at Reformed Theological Seminary while working for Grace Toronto. While not being a pastor, I like to pretend that I own and run a coffee shop/bookstore/t-shirt making shop/design studio. 

We have three kids, Sara, Luke and Ian. They are nutty, a little dramatic and a lot of fun. As a family we enjoy the outdoors, coffee shops, splash pads, waffles, BBQ'ing and naps. 

Michael Chhangur - Pastoral Intern

Britney and I met and married in Texas (where she’s from) but have made our home in Ottawa (where I’m from).

I am currently in seminary at Reformed Theological Seminary, and work part time as an ER nurse.

We have three sweet kids, Annie, Calvin, and Lucy, and when I’m not reading an endless pile of picture books to them, I like eating at Hintonburger with Britney, listening to the Blue Jays on the radio, or working on my cauliflower ear at the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts.