Resurrection Church is a new Christian church near downtown Ottawa, in Hintonburg. We welcome the convinced and unconvinced, the bored, the burned, the cynical, the religious, the irreligious and the spiritual.


We have four values at Resurrection Church:

1. Gospel

The gospel is the good news about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It teaches us that there is nothing we can do to earn salvation, but that new life is given to us by grace. We are in fact more sinful than we thought possible but more loved than we ever dreamed because of what Jesus has done.

This good news is the fountainhead for the rest of the Christian life. It brings us into the kingdom of God and allows us to grow in his kingdom. The gospel provides the motivation, strength and encouragement to live a life of loving God and loving our neighbours.

More than good news, it is a vast set of implications for every area of our life. As a church we attempt to bring a 'gospel-lens' to our jobs, our relationships and our leisure, working to see how the good news of the gospel changes our motivations.

(To see how this works out 'in real life', come check out a service on Sunday mornings. Or listen to one of our sermons.) 

2. Mission

The gospel of Jesus compels us into sharing the good news with others. This means two things for us as a church:

First, we want to be a safe place for people to explore faith and Jesus. There is space in our community for seekers, skeptics and doubters in our church. We know that even for those who believe, there are questions that need to be asked and considered. We have an open posture towards people who want to investigate the Christian faith.

Second, we believe that we are sent into the world as Christ’s ambassadors and we seek to make the gospel known in words and deeds in our city. This means that we are active in being involved with our neighbours and friends, asking questions, being curious, not shying away from discussing spiritual things.

3. Discipleship

Discipleship is the process of applying the gospel and its implications to every area of life.

As Christians, we are called to be followers of Jesus, to steadily renovated and reconstructed so that we become like him in every way. Discipleship is a process and an identity, not an event. It takes your whole life and happens best with other people. Our programs, classes, services and events take seriously the call to make disciples of all the people in our church.

4. Neighbour

The gospel teaches us to serve, not be served.

One of the implications is that we will do our best to love our neighbours in general and in particular. Our local neighbourhood (Hintonburg!) gives shape and context to our ministries, our outreach and our friendships. We want to be rooted here, to become part of the fabric of our neighbourhood. We want to see a great neighbourhood for all the people who live here, regardless of what they believe. We will participate in the life, businesses, culture and rhythms of our neighbourhood.




Ben and his wife Jen were both born and raised in Ontario. They are a little bit small town, a little bit big city, having lived in both for various periods of their lives. Ben and Jen both worked for Power to Change (née Campus Crusade for Christ) for a number of years before transitioning to the church world. Ben went to seminary at Reformed Theological Seminary while working for Grace Toronto. While not being a pastor, Ben likes to pretend that he owns and runs a coffee shop/bookstore/t-shirt making shop/design studio. 

They have four kids, Sara, Luke, Ian and Jake, who are nutty, a little dramatic and a lot of fun. As a family they enjoy the outdoors, coffee shops, splash pads, waffles, BBQ'ing and naps. 


Mike and his wife Britney met and married in Texas (where she’s from) but have made their home in Ottawa (where Mike is from). Mike worked as an emergency department RN while finishing his studies with Reformed Theological Seminary, and have recently accepted a call to church plant in Halifax, NS (starting 2020).

They have four sweet kids, Annie, Calvin, Lucy, and Knox, and when not reading an endless pile of books to them, Mike likes eating at Hintonburger, listening to the Blue Jays on the radio, and working on his cauliflower ear at the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts. 


Heidi and her husband Bryan live in Hintonburg where they are busy raising their three girls - Adelyn, Clarissa and Aubrey. Heidi has a background in Christian education and a love for the children of the church and of the neighbourhood. When not organizing Resurrection Kids stuff, Heidi is often found at the park, the local ice cream shop or the library.